chapter  6
14 Pages

The Sport-Education-Corporate nexus

Local cases
WithGeoffery Z. Kohe, Holly Collison

Chapter 6 focusses on the establishment and development of initiatives at the local (micro/national/domestic) level. Although corporate entities may have global or regional influence with their sport and educational activities, their imperatives and the resultant abilities to affect change, ultimately necessitate a close(r) reading and engagement with local specificities (and, often, peculiarities). Where the likes of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are afforded a degree of legitimacy, authenticity and acceptance within local spaces, other sport, education and corporate entities have formed partnership to effect domestic-led change and action. Accordingly, this chapter considers how corporate presence in local spaces manifests and what opportunities arise for individuals, communities and groups to challenge prevailing Sport-Education-Corporate nexus arrangements. This chapter revisits humanitarian sport relief initiatives undertaken by Coca-Cola and explores the community centred approaches of Streetfootballworld and urban youth development groups in the United Kingdom. Rehearsing the overarching theoretical encouragement to challenge the privatisation of pedagogy, this chapter uses an examination of local examples to raise concerns over the normalisation of nexus relationships and processes.