chapter  7
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Toward a nexus typology and beyond

WithGeoffery Z. Kohe, Holly Collison

Chapter 7 draws out the key themes and issues of the Sport-Corporate-Education nexus as explored in Chapters 4–6 and discusses the ways in which intersections of corporate social responsibility are now manifest across a variety of educational domains. Influenced by the sustained critique of physical education and sport developments’ futures, the chapter also reconsiders the forces and values that have shaped education’s corporate alliances and ultimately afforded commercial stakeholders a pronounced place in the politics of education design and implementation. The chapter considers how the Sport-Corporate-Education relationship might further evolve and the consequences this might have for individuals, groups and communities who lay at the endpoint. Taking up the sentiment of spatial scholars and critical pedagogues who encourage a return of more sensitive, humane, empathetic, just and caring approaches within education, sport and public practice, the chapter concludes with reflections on how care ethics might be manifest within the nexus and how fresh research direction might then examine these reconfigurations.