chapter  8
Teaching methodology and the role of the teacher
WithAsantha U. Attanayake
Pages 34

This chapter discusses how Cooperative Language Learning (CLL) is used as the main component in the teaching methodology for the course. The techniques of CLL discusses in at length alongside the discussion of the psycho-social features of language learners. The society of the English language classroom can be controlled in terms of the material and the teaching methodology, all of which should be geared towards eliminating Language Attitude Anxiety and building student confidence to speak English. The requirement for training that is regular, specific to each activity and that contains learner actions and perspectives embedded within it becomes imperative, as such rigorous training will constantly remind teachers of the significance of the teacher’s role in developing and sustaining the features of the safe zone. Thus, the compulsory teacher training takes teachers forward in their general development as rigorous training is considered an essential component of professional competence.