chapter  2
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WithLisa Porter, Narda E. Alcorn

Each stage manager has a distinct practice, an individual methodology and technique that comprises their style and creative approach. Pre-production, often referred to as prep, is a critical planning time when stage managers have the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders and creative partners. This phase can be where systems are learned and implemented, relationships are initiated, communication methods are determined, and information is generated. The creation, implementation, assessment, and maintenance of systems are critical tools that stage managers can begin utilizing during the pre-production phase. Toward the end of the rehearsal phase, the production stage manager determines when the stage management team will begin to prepare for technical rehearsals. The production transitions out of the rehearsal room and into the performance space, and the stage management team integrates technical elements. The careful and imaginative preparation conducted during pre-tech can prepare the stage manager to effectively lead technical rehearsals and develop specific cues.