chapter  16
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Fast-moving consumer goods industry

WithAlex Newton

Chapter 16 discusses human rights abuses in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, with a particular focus on the Thai fishing industry. FMCG supply chains are particularly complex. Before a product reaches the supermarket or grocery shelf, primary producers, subcontractors, manufacturers, and distributors – often operating across multiple countries – are involved in the supply chain. Chapter 16 outlines the challenges this creates for companies seeking to prevent and address their adverse impacts on human rights. It considers how these tensions and challenges have come into sharp focus in the context of egregious human rights violations occurring in Thailand’s multibillion-dollar fishing industry. The chapter analyses actions taken in response, including the Thai Government’s efforts to strengthen laws and penalties, and to improve law enforcement, for those violating fishers’ rights. In addition, it discusses collaborative initiatives between corporations and NGOs, such as Project Issara, which works to address trafficking and forced labour, including in the seafood industry.