chapter  3
Afonso I of Kongo and Elizabeth I of England
WithRebecca Ard Boone
Pages 38

As the fifth king of Kongo, Afonso adopted and promoted the Catholic religion of the Portuguese. From 1506 to 1543 Afonso I ruled Kongo, one of the most powerful kingdoms of its time in Africa. Afonso asked the king of Portugal to send teachers and priests to establish schools in the capital. In 1526, Afonso sent an angry letter to the king of Portugal. Elizabeth I inherited her father's bright auburn hair, fair skin, and bold self-confidence. Elizabeth loved learning new languages and frequently gave her translated works as gifts to her family members. Elizabeth took the throne with the title "Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland". Elizabeth wore a royal robe of golden cloth, and her litter was escorted by gentlemen in bright red velvet. Elizabeth served as a witness during his trial, where she confessed embarrassing details of their relationship.