chapter  Chapter 3
Seeing invisible violence–case studies from Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina
ByMaría Laura Böhm
Pages 54

This chapter is dedicated to the presentation and study of cases that illustrate in a paradigmatic way the relationship between deregulated transnational economies and violence in Latin America. The focus is set on structural and cultural violence, especially before big deregulated business starts; the aim is to make invisible violence visible. This chapter, further, gives details about the reality of structurally invisible violence and the vulnerability of marginalized populations as a facilitating factor for the running of deregulated exploration and exploitation of natural resources in large-scale projects (mining sector, agricultural sector, hydrocarbons sector and clean energies sector) as well as about its impact on indigenous people, farmers, rural communities and small cities and villages. The chapter is developed based on specific selected cases from Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.