chapter  Chapter 1
Human Organ Transplantation: An Overview
WithSheila A.M. McLean, Laura Williamson
Pages 40

In 1991, the World Health Organization had this to say: Over the past 30 years, organ transplantation has become a worldwide practice and has saved many thousands of lives. Since then, organ transplantation continues to save many lives every year, and associated advances, particularly in respect of rejection of organs, have developed apace, to make organ donation an increasingly successful form of medical treatment. Law reform in respect of organ transplantation has taken place in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and a draft Bill has been produced in Scotland. The regulation of live organ transplantation was covered by the terms of the Human Organ Transplants Act 1989. The Human Tissue Act 1961 was passed at a time when organ transplantation was in its infancy, and its terms were sufficiently ambiguous and outdated to have placed barriers in the way of facilitation of a successful programme.