chapter  9
Residents' Perceptions Concerning the Impacts of Tourism in Havana during the Special Period
WithAndrea Colantonio, Robert B. Potter
Pages 31

The empirical results of many other investigations on the subject of urban tourism conclude that the economic impact of tourism is perceived as positive. This chapter details the validity of such results by examining the findings of a questionnaire survey concerning residents' perceptions of the impacts of tourism. The new employment opportunities are perceived to have raised living standards in the tourist poles, with the exception of Vedado where residents do not believe tourism has brought more prosperity to their neighbourhood. The chapter focuses on the survey's findings concerning residents' perceptions of the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism within Havana's tourist poles. It also discusses residents' perceptions concerning their participation in tourism decision-making. Havana's inhabitants used to have unlimited access to such facilities until the late 1980s when the Special Period brought about financial austerity and a division of international and domestic tourism circuits.