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The question of whether ministers should have a second source of income was a concern to many Dissenters. Robert Vaughan was Independent minister at Worcester and Kensington before, in 1834, becoming professor of modern history at University College, London. In 1843 he moved to take up the presidency of the Lancashire Independent College and two years later he launched <italics>The British Quarterly Review</italics>. In 1846 he was chairman of the Congregational Union. As the travelling preachers of early Methodism gradually evolved into regularly ordained ministers, a high doctrine of the pastoral office emerged among the Wesleyans. For Spurgeon, One of his greatest qualities was the common touch. He despised the genteel wherever he encountered it, but most of all in the ministry. This was one of the supreme messages Spurgeon tried to convey to the young men training for the pastorate in the college attached to his Metropolitan Tabernacle.