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Home Mission

The Lancashire Independent Association, created in 1806, was one of the county organisations among Calvinistic Dissenters founded or revived around the opening of the nineteenth century primarily in order to promote itinerant evangelistic work. Its moving spirit was William Roby, the minister of Cannon Street Chapel, Manchester led to the huge expansion of Independency in the north-west of England. Suppose a man were to go and preach this doctrine among farmers, about their sowing grain. City missions were a means of evangelising the growing urban centres of the nineteenth century. Undenominational in organisation, they allocated a missionary to each of several divisions of the city. The first was founded in Glasgow in 1826 by David Nasmith, who subsequently persuaded other places to follow its example. The impetus for the creation in the 1830s of the Domestic Mission movement by Unitarians came from the earlier work done by Joseph Tuckerman in Boston, USA.