chapter  Chapter 5
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Globalization and the Origins of the Post-Colonial Authoritarian State

WithDennis C. Canterbury

This chapter explores the emergence of the post-colonial authoritarian state in societies that were incorporated into the global capitalist system. Globalization, the historical expansion of the capitalist economic system to incorporate hitherto non-capitalist societies requires the reframing of the discourse on the post-colonial authoritarian state. The post-colonial authoritarian state developed primarily out of colonial authoritarian state arrangements and Cold War political expedience to defeat communism. Ideology and race within the context of globalization played a major role in laying the foundations for the development of the post-colonial authoritarian state. The private appeal to race constrained the ability of the nationalist political leaders to fulfill their promise to improve the social, economic, and political conditions of the workers. The Cold War maneuvers that brought the People’s National Congress to power in 1964 in a coalition government and the political and economic practices of that alliance are an examination.