chapter  Chapter 13
Conclusion: Management Today
WithErnesto R. Gantman
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Moral capitalism has been equated with moral managerial thinking. The domination of disorganized capitalism is a fact, despite the talk about national variants and more and less ‘humane’ versions of this economic system. Yet, if Western countries manage to transcend the phase of disorganized capitalism, diluting its perverse features and transforming the structure of social privilege, it is certain that another managerial ideology will emerge. Management knowledge offers the promise of an organizational utopia with flat organizations inhabited by polite organizational citizens, who are motivated individuals, knowledgeable workers, and masters of their own fate within a meritocratic world. The emergence of a critical perspective to the management orthodoxy becomes of paramount importance. The discipline of management appears to navigate a dangerous sea, threatened by the menace of both the Scylla of academic irrelevance and the Charybdis of the fictionalization of its popular strand.