chapter  9
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Cryptography and Ouantum Mechanics

WithNelson Bolivar, Gabriel Abellán

The first known use of cryptography can be found in an inscription on the main chamber of the tomb of Khnumhotep II, in Egypt, carved around 1900 BC. They used some unusual hieroglyphic symbols where the purpose was not to hide the message but perhaps to change its form in a way, which would make it appear dignified. Most of the work on cryptography was for military purposes, usually used to hide secret military information. However, cryptography attracted commercial attention in the postwar world, with businesses trying to secure their data from competitors. To crack strong cryptography, one must look for ways to reduce the number of keys that it is necessary search. This typically requires complex mathematical analysis, or cryptanalysis, of the particular algorithm to find its weakness, and several algorithms have been shown to be insecure in this way. Erwin Schrodinger proposed an interesting model that illustrates the random nature of quantum mechanics.