chapter  8
Jordanian national refugee governance and its responses to Syrian mass migration
ByZeynep Şahin Mencütek
Pages 31

Chapter 8 focuses on the Jordanian response to mass refugee migration from Syria. It first provides an overview of the country’s socio-political and economic context by focusing on regional security concerns, the vitality of the political economy and pre-2011 relations with Syria. Then it outlines Jordan’s history of migration as well as the legal and institutional framework of the national refugee regime. It shows how the Jordanian national refugee regime was originally designed in order to deal with Palestinian and then Iraqi refugees through the close collaboration with international humanitarian agencies, which mainly provided financial burden sharing. The same refugee regime has been adopted with some modifications in order to respond to the Syrian refugee migration after 2012. To show shifts in the Jordanian national policy approach and specific changes in a certain realm, the chapter adopts the model of multi-pattern and multi-stage governance. It divides the time-frame (2011–18) into two periods. The first period is the initial ad hoc and relatively regulative phase between 2012 and 2013, and the second phase is the restrictive phase that started in mid-2013 and continues until the present. Finally, the chapter addresses an overview of Syrian’s access to services, with an emphasis on protection challenges.