chapter  6
The Royal Exchange Bank—An analysis of attitudes after the change
ByEnid Mumford, Olive Banks
Pages 18

This chapter examines that the influence on attitudes of another variable—the way the change was introduced and carried through by management. Men were committed to banking, the rest of their lives would be spent in Royal Exchange, and the future organisational consequences of the new system were therefore very important to them. Men were more critical of communication deficiencies than women, and spoke of the need for more communication—both between the branches and the computer centre, and between one branch and another. The North Office clerks were asked to comment on the difficulties of the change period, the problems electronic data processing (EDP) branches still had to cope with, and whether the change-over could have been handled differently. In the EDP branches, after the change, it had proved impossible to identify any factors other than occupation influencing the attitudes of the women clerks towards the new system.