chapter  6
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The Future of Politics

WithWilliam H. Lucy

Federal and state actions, however, must influence consumers in their role as home buyers and transportation users. Three types of federal action are needed. The first concerns taxes. The second concerns financing home buying. The eventual financial disasters were an outgrowth of deliberate public-policy goals to increase home ownership. The way in which public-policy goals intersected with lending and financial manipulations, and how these intersected with presidential and congressional politics. Policy development and policy implementation are difficult. Federal policy habits and state regulatory policies are not integrated well to make these processes work smoothly or purposefully. The Clean Air Act policy was implemented by requiring smokestack technology that scrubs the most harmful chemicals, such as sulphur dioxide, from emissions. Support for more money, such as channeling more funds into public transit, is the easiest policy to get approved, provided it is not clearly linked to some other attractive policy getting less funding.