chapter  5
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Differentiating a Rigorous Demonstration of Learning

ByBarbara R. Blackburn

A true-false test can be made more rigorous, and depending on the question, essay tests can be quite easy. Think about the relationship between product for demonstration of learning and rigor as a flowchart. Differentiating students' demonstration of learning begins with the belief that all students will master the same essential skills, knowledge, and understanding. There are two ways to differentiate both closed- and open-ended tests. Although providing options of formats, or types of product, is an essential concept of differentiation, one particular challenge is retaining the rigor of each way students demonstrate understanding. Genius Hour is an excellent way to differentiate instruction for students. The easiest way to differentiate field trips is to allow students to choose the site to explore, based on their interests, overlapping their readiness needs. Differentiating how students demonstrate understanding of their learning is the ultimate outcome of differentiated instruction.