chapter  3
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Mathematics teaching, technology, and student engagement

WithCatherine Attard, Kathryn Holmes

An ongoing dichotomy exists in mathematics that positions teaching for understanding against teaching for procedural fluency. However, we contend that students need to focus on both, and that technology-mediated instruction can be beneficial for both aspects of mathematics. There is evidence that effective mathematics teachers do take a conceptual approach, taking time to make connections between mathematical constructs so that meaning is developed; however, they also ensure that students have opportunities to practice and become comfortable with mathematical processes. Technological tools can have a place in supporting both types of learning. To understand how teachers can best use technology in their mathematics teaching, we critically examine existing frameworks designed to assist teachers to implement technology-enhanced learning. We supplement this discussion with a focus on the research literature related to student engagement and the factors that support it in the mathematics classroom. If students are to learn mathematics, then it is essential that they are substantively engaged with the subject over the course of their schooling. We further examine literature that has focused on how technology may enhance student engagement with mathematics.