chapter  6
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Technology in the secondary classroom

WithCatherine Attard, Kathryn Holmes

In this chapter, we learn about how teachers are using technology to promote students' learning in mathematics in secondary school classrooms. We begin by observing lessons with John D, a mathematics teacher in Catholic boys' school with a long history of commitment to innovative teaching approaches. Then we visit the classroom of Ian, who uses the affordances of a learning management system to differentiate student work so as to maximise student engagement and success. John B teaches in a school with less access to Internet and digital devices, but as a result in his classroom, we saw innovative whole-class approaches to instruction that did not rely on students having 1:1 access to their own device, although they did make frequent use of graphical calculators. Finally, we visit the well-resourced independent school where Joel teaches mathematics students in a 1:1 environment without any technical barriers. Joel uses technology as a seamless ‘extension of self’ to communicate with students and provide timely, personalised, and formative feedback. Although the school contexts varied significantly, common elements were visible, such as in situ contextualised professional development and a commitment from school leaders to support staff as they trialled innovative practices.