chapter  7
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Technology use in mathematics classrooms: what do school leaders, teachers, and students say?

WithCatherine Attard, Kathryn Holmes

Technology use is now ubiquitous in almost all school contexts, but the ways in which it is used varies depending on the types of technology available and the pedagogical decisions made by the teacher. Similarly, school leaders can have an influence on technology integration as their decisions can impact on school culture and the technical and instructional support made available to teachers. Also, the attitudes and experiences of students towards technology use for learning are of utmost importance. If technology fails to engage students or acts as a distraction to learning, then it is unlikely to meet its pedagogical potential. In this chapter, we hear the voices of school leaders, teachers, and students from the case study schools described in this book. The voices confirm that effective teachers of technology-infused mathematics instruction can improve the learning of their students, by increasing their access to mathematics content and by promoting student engagement with mathematics, regardless of the number of devices and types of software available to them.