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The range of individuals and organizations represented in this publication stand in proxy for an equally wide range of concerns and viewpoints in the heritage and archaeology sectors at large. While these viewpoints often differ considerably in detail, we might — with some risk of oversimplifi cation — suggest that the fundamental concerns of all the authors in this volume are with ensuring that an appropriate kind and degree of cultural heritage work occurs within development contexts. Furthermore, our observation is that over the last twenty years there has been progress in the underlying principles of economic development (in ‘developed’ or ‘developing’ world countries), in that all major participants now understand that both heritage and economic development are equally necessary for a sustainable future. We explicitly include the ‘developers’ whether it be mineral extraction, infrastructure construction, urbanization companies or non-profi ts, and so on. Our experience is that these entities are rarely opposed to undertaking heritage work, although they desperately want clear guidance on what this work is supposed to entail.