Crooked Figures and Imaginary Forces
WithClare Connors
Pages 4

Perhaps the oddest thing to have emerged about force in the course of this book is just how frail it is. While it might be possible to suggest that there are better or worse models of force, force affects, motivates, and disrupts the attempt to model or theorize it in unpredictable ways, and the calling to account of a conclusion, with its complacent hindsight, cannot quite render either the shock of force's irruption or the forcelessness of the moment of a reading. This chapter gives play to some of these force-effects too, both in readings and in writing. It explores the often unthematized elements of force, our work to some extent being summoned by their latent power. And the force of fantasy will not be far removed from this imaginary and virtual realm either. The chapter suggests that the virtuality of force is most faithfully maintained in the literary.