chapter  4
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Authors and Authenticity: Suo mario

WithCatherine O'Rawe

Drawing on ideas of authorship and originality, this chapter looks at Suo marito's staging of the conflict between the moment of artistic creation and the processes of textual production, between the idea of the author as original creator of an 'organic' text and the self-quotation and plagiarism which is the reality of Pirandello's narrative praxis. The conditions of Suo marito's execution and publication are intriguingly linked to its thematic concerns, which revolve around the transformation of the artistic idea into the literary object, via the difficult and, at times, anguished process of composition. Attempts at source-hunting in Suo marito are also problematized by the way in which the texts and the plots of text recounted within the novel also dramatize both the creative process and notions of authorship and originality. The intertextual relation between texts such as Suo marito and 'La tragedia d'un personaggio' reciprocally 'authorizes' each text, and runs them all together.