Automated Rule-Based Checking Systems
ByNawari O. Nawari
Pages 36

DesignCheck is an automated code compliance–checking system developed by a research team of Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Construction Innovation, Australia. FORNAX objects provide rules for assessing themselves, providing good object-based modularity to perform automated checks on building models against building regulations. CORENET e-PlanCheck was proposed to provide a series of information system applications that could automatically check electronic building plans for compliance to regulatory requirements using artificial intelligence (AI) and feature-based building information modeling technologies. The AI methods are generally based on the use of natural language processing models that predict the probability distribution of language expressions. They include two main types: a rule-based approach or a machine learning (ML)-based approach. A rule-based method uses manually developed rules to process documents, whereas an ML-based approach refers to a system learning from available data or previous experience and employs ML algorithms to process text.