Practical Approaches
ByNawari O. Nawari
Pages 35

This chapter focuses on introducing practical approaches for the automated checking of building regulations conformance. In the intended framework, the compliance-checking component would read an object-based building model and audit the model against selected set of object-based standard constraints. The Information delivery manual (IDM) is the document that defines the necessities to set up building information modeling (BIM) models for several building code regulations. The process map was generated utilizing standard Business Process Modeling Notation as part of the IDM specifications. From the data defined in the IDM, a model view definition (MVD) is developed for each aspect and describes precisely how it is to be implemented in the industry foundation classes exchange (IFC). The implementing of the IFC standard using extensible markup language technologies is known as ifcXML. After transforming the building code regulations into a standardized ifcXML data model, the entire domain will be available in ifcXML data format.