chapter  Chapter Two
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Critical perspectives on medical travel

WithCecilia Vindrola-Padros

This chapter presents a brief overview of the main theoretical frameworks used to explore the use of travel to access care, which have been inspired by critical perspectives, and examines the work carried out in critical medical anthropology, critical medical geography, critical ethics, and post-colonial theory. Critical medical anthropology recognizes that both health and care are shaped by class, gender, age, and ethnicity. Medical travel processes have also been analyzed in the field of ethics, mainly through the concept of health as a universal human right and the exploration of equity in care. The chapter explains emphasis on the critical (im)mobilities framework and presents a series of ways in which it can be applied as the lens through which to visualize travel, care-seeking, and the delivery of medical services. The field of medical geography is diverse and centers on understanding the spatial relationships between health and care, and other factors that influence these (i.e. environment).