chapter  Chapter Four
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Medical travel at a local scale:

An example of intra-national medical travel
WithCecilia Vindrola-Padros

This chapter provides a glimpse into the characteristics of medical travel within national boundaries through the case study of pediatric oncology treatment in Argentina. It describes one case study of intra-national medical travel to begin a much-needed discussion on the particular characteristics of medical care and travel in the Latin American context. The chapter examines intra-national medical travel within a longstanding history of healthcare centralization and the unequal distribution of specialized services across the country. It presents the details of research and introduces the stories of three families of medical travelers that will feature throughout the book to give texture to the abstract concepts being proposed to study medical travel using a critical (im)mobilities lens. Despite the boom in medical travel destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, it remains unexplored as a region in comparison to Association of South-East Asian Nations countries or destinations in the Middle East.