chapter  1
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Basics of Missile Guidance

WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

The natural process of improvement of all aspects of our life includes also advances in development of sophisticated weapon systems, the means to defend ourselves from enemies, those who consider wars as a way to improve their living conditions. A guided missile is considered to operate only above the surface of the Earth, so that guided torpedoes do not meat the above definition. The missiles are classified by the physical areas of launching and the physical areas containing the target. The four general categories of the guided missiles are: surface-to-surface; surface-to-air; air-to-surface; air-to-air. The goal of missile guidance is to hit a target, i.e., to nullify the distance between a missile and the target. However, this obvious goal is usually accompanied by additional conditions. It can be, as an additional criterion, minimization of the time of flight or maximization of a missile terminal velocity.