chapter  10
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Integrated Missile Design

WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

Integrated design of missile guidance and control systems is considered as a first step toward the development of integrated missile design methodologies. Integrated guidance and control systems are expected to result in significant improvements in missile performance, leading to lower weight and enhanced lethality. Both of these factors will lead to a more effective, lower cost weapon system. Integrated guidance and control laws are supposed to combine guidance and control functions. Integrated missile design operates with a detailed missile model and considers the target states relative to the missile as a part of a generalized model. The guidance and control laws are obtained as a solution to a certain optimal problem, which must guarantee the internal stability of the missile dynamics. The described method of the integrated guidance and control system design based on the modification of the optimal solution for linear optimal problems by utilizing the nonlinear equations in the extended linearized form needs more rigorous mathematical justification.