chapter  11
47 Pages

New Generation of Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense

WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

This chapter examines the efficiency of the developed guidance laws for hypersonic missiles. It tests the guidance laws applying them to the airborne interceptors to demonstrate their advantages over the existing widespread guidance laws. The considered guidance laws were developed without taking into consideration a real missile acceleration ability. The commanded acceleration is a command to the missile guidance and control system to realize the prescribed acceleration. However, the inability of the missile to perform these commands would demonstrate practical inefficiency of the chosen guidance law. In 2012, the Committee on an Assessment of Concepts and Systems for US Boost-Phase Missile Defense of the National Academy of Sciences stated that boost-phase missile defense was not practical or cost-effective under real-world conditions for the foreseeable future. The National Defense Authorization Act includes the hypersonic defense capability development, the development of a capability by the United States to counter hypersonic boost-glide vehicle capabilities and conventional prompt strike capabilities.