chapter  12
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Missile Guidance Software

WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

A well-structured and efficient program gives the programmer the same sort of pleasure that an artist feels when he creates a new work or a mathematician gets after an elegant proving a theorem. Although the programs presented in this chapter cannot be considered as highly sophisticated, they can be used to analyze and design various guidance laws and will help readers to develop their own programs. The programs presented are written using VISUAL FORTRAN and MATLAB. The programs for the planar models written in MATLAB or FORTRAN can be written in other languages such as BASIC, Pascal, and C. However, for the multidimensional models of engagement, VISUAL FORTRAN is preferable. The models including the radar, weapon control system, and missile require more sophisticated languages such as Ada or Java. VISUAL FORTRAN includes FORTRAN 90 modules and libraries for doing Windows programming at the Win32 API level.