chapter  4
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Analysis of PN Guided Missile Systems in the Frequency Domain

WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

Analogous to the unit step signal in the time domain, the unit sinusoidal input signal is the standard test signal in the frequency domain. The response of the system to a changing frequency is considered. The frequency response is defined as the steady-state response of the system to a sinusoidal input signal. The frequency approach is very popular among engineers because the design of a system in the frequency domain provides the designer with the control of the bandwidth of a system. Frequency approach also enables us to analyze the steady-state miss for various types of maneuvers analogous to the analysis of the steady-state mode in control theory. Maneuvers present the best strategy for missiles to achieve their goals. The analysis of the linearized PN guidance system models is based on the frequency response of the linearized guidance system, which corresponds to the miss distance due to a weaving target.