chapter  6
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Design of Guidance Laws Implementing Parallel Navigation

A Frequency Domain Approach
WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

This chapter considers how to use the classical control theory approach to improve the performance of missile systems with parallel navigation (PN) guidance. It discusses the approach to decrease significantly the miss distance by modifying the PN guidance and using in the guidance law signals of the actual missile acceleration. The classical approach to missile guidance is usually based on applying a guidance law obtained from certain line-of-sight (LOS) geometrical rules. The guidance law is the algorithm by which the desired geometrical rule is implemented. According to the well-known proportional navigation law, widely used in military applications, the missile acceleration is proportional to the measured LOS rate. Kinematics of PN are analyzed without taking into account missile dynamics, and most recommendations concerning guidance law parameters are made based on this analysis. The PN guidance law acts as a simple proportional controller that was utilized at the initial stage of control systems development.