chapter  7
28 Pages

Guidance Law Performance Analysis under Stochastic Inputs

WithRafael T. Yanushevsky

It was assumed that the information about guidance law parameters contains no errors and the components of the missile guidance system have fixed parameters, so that no uncertainties exist. This approach is very useful at the initial stage of design. The chapter presents the basic facts from the theory of stochastic processes, which are necessary for understanding the following material. It gives the characterization of the main sources of noise that influence the PN guidance law performance. The effect of random disturbances (measurement noise and random maneuvers) on the missile guided system performance is evaluated by the root-mean-square miss distance. The chapter obtains the analytical expressions of the miss distance under the abovementioned stochastic inputs. It examines analytical expressions for the rms miss in detail for a simple first-order model of the missile guidance system. The chapter gives analytical expressions and related computational algorithms for the PN guided missiles.