chapter  Chapter 11
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Highway plant

WithMalcolm Copson, Peter Kendrick, Steve Beresford

This chapter deals with some of the plant which roadworkers are likely to meet in their daily work. The tractor-type excavator/loader is used on the majority of small scale roadworks. The floating screed paver is the type with which most roadworkers will be familiar, and the majority of bituminous material mats are laid by paving machines which use this principle. The basic principle of a free floating screed is that the thickness of the mat can be altered by adjustment whilst the machine is travelling. The tractor-mounted or towed unit is versatile and can cover large areas of ground quickly, a typical machine trailing five large cylindrical gang mowers giving a cutting width of around 6 m. For most roadwork applications the smaller two-breaker machines are adequate and are in trailer-mounted, self-propelled lorry or tractor-mounted form. A drilling device may be fitted to the machine which gives an alternating drilling and hammering action.