chapter  Chapter 12
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Street furniture

WithMalcolm Copson, Peter Kendrick, Steve Beresford

The term ‘street furniture’ embraces all highway fixtures or markings that have to be provided to assist pedestrians and road users in the safe usage of the highway. Street furniture has to be considered carefully when the difficult task of ‘designing the street’ is undertaken by planners. The highway design requirements of a system could change from time to time along the length of the system, and this will require a continuous length of fence to have different classes of working width, depending on the available space and in order to maintain a flowing alignment. The most effective roundabout design for a given situation will depend upon approach speed, visibility, entry width, entry deflection and the circulatory carriageway. Flat top humps, cushions and speed tables are permitted and each may be tapered at the sides to allow a drainage channel to remain between the hump and the kerb.