chapter  Chapter 15
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New Roads and Street Works Act 1991

WithMalcolm Copson, Peter Kendrick, Steve Beresford

Historically highways were created or built and became rights of passage. In 1950 the Public Utilities Street Works Act regulated the Provisions into one Act in order to prescribe the rights and obligations between the Street Authority and Statutory Undertakers when working in streets. As the legislation was being drafted the government chose to combine two issues into one, that is, street works and the provision of toll roads using private capital. The reinstatement of the pavement layers is based upon the form of its construction and the road category, as determined by the Street Authority. In the case of modular roads, the modules can be laid on an existing sub-base and road base of flexible, composite or rigid construction. Where the road construction layers are extended into the verge or unmade ground, the reinstatement must match the existing.