chapter  Chapter 3
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WithMalcolm Copson, Peter Kendrick, Steve Beresford

At the start of the work in the construction of a new road or the improvement of an existing road there is usually a problem of site clearance and preparation. When the topsoil is stripped, it should be stored in soil heaps for re-use after the completion of the road construction on verges and embankments. If new roadworks have been excavated to formation level, the surface should be protected. The formation may best be protected by immediately laying and consolidating the sub-base material. The normal way of dealing with wet ground is to improve the drainage, usually by laying a system of shallow drains of agricultural pipes or porous concrete pipes, to carry the water away from the area where the earthworks are to be carried out. If an embankment is to be left for a considerable period of time, say several months, before the roadworks are done, care must be taken to preserve the top surface.