chapter  Chapter 7
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Kerbing, footways and paved areas

WithMalcolm Copson, Peter Kendrick, Steve Beresford

The main purpose in using kerbing and other edge detail is to strengthen the sides of a carriageway or paved area and to prevent lateral spread of the pavement which would cause a deterioration of the road structure. Kerbs may be formed from precast concrete, natural stone, and in situ asphalt or concrete or plastic. Kerbs are supplied in lengths which are based on supplier and/or client specification. The kerb bed should be accurately placed and will be levelled to a line using a depth gauge, or will be poured between formers or shuttering. The ‘wet bed’ or ‘green concrete’ method of preparing the kerb bed is widely used for short length work as it eliminates the mortar bed operation and allows a quicker pace of working. When the kerb line has been laid and checked, the back of the kerb should be strengthened by the placing of a concrete haunch.