chapter  1
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Hybrid materials and surfaces

WithChang-Sik Ha, Saravanan Nagappan

In materials chemistry, hybrid systems have become popular due to their enhanced properties compared to their individual components. The term "hybrid" refers to the "combination of two or more components into a single domain that reflects the properties of each material in the final material". Hybrid materials are found in one of two forms: homogeneous or heterogeneous. Hybrid materials are classified further into two classes on the basis of the nature of the interface. The level of enhancement of the properties of organic-inorganic hybrid materials depends mainly on the chemical nature and surface interactions between the organic and inorganic components. The surface wettability on a solid surface has attracted considerable attention in various fields due to the adhesion behavior of a water droplet on the substrate surface. The wettability of a solid surface is determined by two forces: cohesive force and adhesive interactions between the solid surface and the liquid drop.