chapter  5
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Applications of Superhydrophobic Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrids

WithChang-Sik Ha, Saravanan Nagappan

Organic-inorganic hybrid surfaces were prepared by simple surface treatment with one or multisteps of modifications using different hydrophobic materials to exhibit excellent superhydrophobicity on various substrates. The fabricated substrates have attracted considerable attention for various applications, such as oil sorption and separation from water, anticorrosion, anti-icing, photocatalysis, and textiles. The superhydrophobic coating substrate showed better corrosion resistance than the hydrophobic coating substrate because of the excellent water-repellent property of the coating materials. Several superhydrophobic coating materials and substrates were developed and used for anticorrosion applications. Superhydrophobic surfaces are used for the sorption and separation of large quantities of oils from a water surface. Anti-icing is an important property for preventing the ice and frost formation on a substrate. An antifouling coating is an important surface coating for preventing the fouling of biological entities on a substrate surface. Superhydrophobic materials and surfaces have been used widely for photocatalytic applications because of the excellent self-cleaning property of the substrate.