chapter  3
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Can We Know How Much Corruption There Is? On the Measurement of Corruption

ByStaffan Andersson, Frank Anechiarico

This chapter considers how corruption might be measured, and takes a closer look at current techniques for assessing corruption. How corruption measurement is approached is not only a technical issue but is also closely connected to issues about what corruption is and how to control and prevent it. Measuring corruption is not an easy matter due to its hidden nature, the many forms it takes, and how it varies over time and in different contexts. Critically, the definition of corruption has a direct impact on what sort of actions and phenomena are included in a given measurement. The chapter argues that the dominant approaches to corruption measurement in the last 20 years or so have given too little attention to both the various types of corruption and how they vary across and within countries and too much attention to bribes. Governance corruption is an important aspect to consider in corruption measurement.