chapter  Chapter 8
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“… Yet still have the feeling of being in the right place” 1

Life in Tel Aviv
WithAngelica Löwe

The Neumanns settled in Tel Aviv. They managed the difficult transition not least thanks to the financial support of their parents and the culture—literature, art, music—they had brought along to their new homeland. In a way, they were typical “Yekkes,” as German Jews living in Palestine were called at the time. Neumann saw this as the place “where he belonged,” even if he felt he belonged to an “interim generation.” The couple succeeded in setting up a therapeutic practice, and Neumann gave lectures and seminars. His real passion was writing, and he largely retreated from public life as a result. From 1948 until his early death in 1960, which was unexpected and shook everyone, he delivered outstanding lectures at the Eranos conferences in Moscia–Ascona. The Neumanns soon became close friends with Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn, the founder of the Eranos conferences. The Neumanns now spent two to three months in the summer in Switzerland and Europe, though not in Germany.