chapter  Chapter 9
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“…Belonging to this island as if to a plot of land” 1

Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and Eranos
WithAngelica Löwe

In 1933, Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn had managed to organise an annual, 10-day conference, at which well-known figures from culture and science—including C.G. Jung as the main attraction—took part. Among others, participants included Martin Buber, Gershom Scholem, Karl Kerényi, Mircea Eliade, Henry Corbin, Heinrich Zimmer, and Adolf Portmann. Initially, lectures and discussions explored cross-religious, cultural-theoretical topics, and later ones spanning the humanities and natural sciences. Fröbe-Kapteyn, the “creatrix spiritus of Eranos,” is also known for the famous Eranos Archive, a collection of archetypal images she established. From the outset, Daniel Brody served as publisher of the Eranos yearbooks. Neumann, whose lecture opened the conference in 1949, quickly became Fröbe-Kapteyn’s confidant, with whom she consulted and with whom he could vent his anger at Jung and the Zurich Institute. Their friendship remedied his deeply wounded relationship with Europe since his emigration. Here the “essentially homeless” Neumann found “firm ground.”