chapter  Chapter 5
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Excursus: “Motherly Soil” and “Renewal”

Martin Buber’s and C.G. Jung’s metaphors of cultural criticism
WithAngelica Löwe

This excursus examines Neumann’s use of terms such as uprooting and alienation on the one hand, and earth and homeland on the other, whose ideological contents are contradictory. On the one hand, Zionism used this code to advertise its purposes and to arouse the assimilated Jews, to call upon them to become “new people” doing “creative work.” As a Jew living in exile, the galut Jew thus became an enemy, whose qualities could not be distinguished linguistically from anti-Semitic projections. Martin Buber, in his capacity as the editor of the monthly and widely circulated magazine Der Jude, was particularly influential in disseminating these polarising theses. On the other hand, since the 19th century anti-Semitic publications had used a confusingly similar language. Jung also attracted young Jewish intellectuals—despite his irritating remarks on daily affairs—because his language and argumentation in many ways resembled those of Buber.