chapter  11
26 Pages

ABE-Based Content Access Control for ICN

WithDijiang Huang, Qiuxiang Dong, Yan Zhu

Information Centric Networking (ICN) is a new network architecture that aims to overcome the weakness of IP-based networking architecture. Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) is a feasible approach to enforce such control mechanisms in this environment, in which access policies are embedded into the content regardless of the security mechanisms provided by the caches. However, applying ABE in Information Centric Networking faces two challenges: from management perspective, it is complicated to manage attributes in distributed manners; from privacy protection perspective, unlike in traditional networks, the enforced content access policies are public to all the Information Centric Networking users. The chapter explains a comprehensive access control solution for ICN network. This solution is based on a privacy-preserving ABE-based naming scheme. This scheme greatly reduces the communication and computation overhead compared to existing ABE solutions.