chapter  13
24 Pages

Using ABE to Secure Blockchain Transaction Data

WithDijiang Huang, Qiuxiang Dong, Yan Zhu

This chapter presents a distributed Attribute-Based Encryption solution applied to private block-chains over public blockchains approach. Blockchain technology is increasingly being adopted as a trusted platform to support business functions including trusted and verifiable transactions, tracking, and validation. As a result, businesses are forced to choose private blockchain solutions and unable to take full advantage of the capabilities, benefits and infrastructure of public blockchain systems. To address this issue, the chapter explains an Attribute-Based Encryption security solution built on a private-over-public blockchain approach. The cross-chain private-over-public approach provides the benefits from both public blockchains and private blockchains. Businesses will be able to restrict access, maintain privacy, and improve performance, while being able to leverage the distributed trust of public blockchains. This solution presents the Attribute-Based Encryption-based security framework and protocol for securing data, transactions as well as smart contracts.