chapter  6
23 Pages

Search over ABE-Protected Data

WithDijiang Huang, Qiuxiang Dong, Yan Zhu

Searchable encryption is a primitive, which not only protects data privacy of data owners but also enables data users to search over the encrypted data. Attribute-Based Encryption, as a cryptographic means, is a popular method for enforcing access control policies. There are few schemes in the multiple data users setting, i.e., encrypted data sharing. Among these schemes, most of the early techniques depend on a trusted third party with interactive search protocols or need cumbersome key management. To remedy the defects, the most recent approaches borrow ideas from attribute-based encryption to enable Attribute-Based Keyword Search. Encryption-before-outsourcing has been regarded as a fundamental means of protecting users’ sensitive data against the untrusted cloud servers. Overall, it helps reduce the cost of bringing attribute-based keyword search into practice.