chapter  11
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Measuring results and defining success

ByClive Wilson

As any large organisation knows, we need to measure our progress towards our vision as a set of results that indicates the extent to which we are making headway as desired. The SDGs themselves are accompanied with a set of measurements that will serve this purpose for world leaders and associated institutions. There will also be those amongst us who will find roles as monitor-evaluators. These people will be able to use such data to encourage, lobby, cajole or celebrate as they see fit. But results are very left-brain, logical and rational, as indeed they need to be. Success, however, is more right-brain, more creative and inspiring. Success is both an outcome and a feeling. It is a felt-sense of progress. This can be at any level: individual, partnership, team, community, organisational, national, even humanity. The more that success is shared and celebrated, the more there is hope and inspiration. We therefore have an important role, as advocates of the SDGs, to celebrate progress and encourage more of the same. This role will be played by some more than others according to their particular sense of purpose. But no celebration is insignificant. Rather it is the cumulative effect of millions of celebrations, small and large, that will create a movement that feels successful and delivers the goals.